Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Netflix Offers Studios Delay for New Releases for 50% Discount

Netflix Logo

There’s been a lot of talk around the subject of movie releases to rental companies of late.  First we have the Redbox mess with them suing the movie studios and the studios suing back.  Now we’re hearing that Netflix is offering a deal with the movie studios this:

We’ll delay the availability of new DVD/Blu-ray releases to Netflix users if you (the studio) gives Netflix a 50% discount on said movies.

Netflix sees this as an option for them compared to their competitors like Redbox and Blockbuster because they “aren’t as dependant on new releases”, but I see this as a definite lowering of Netflix value from a consumer perspective.  If they take this tact, I would definitely consider other options for my movie rentals.  The problem is this.  If netflix does make such a deal, they’re big enough that the movie studios just might make that the standard and force consumers to buy those new releases or wait for the delayed window – and this would be at all movie rental locations – not just Netflix.


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