Saturday, November 14, 2009

Week in Review – November 14

Below is a quick summary of the past week's news and stories on GeekTonic.


  • Working Screenshot of SageTV and CableCard Tuner – Mike Garcen of is testing out Andy (babgvant)’s solution to use CableCard tuners with SageTV and has a screenshot to show the progress.  Can’t wait to see where this one goes.
  • Boxee Getting its own Set Top Box – Looks like boxee is going to live up to it’s name and get a set top box.
  • Netflix Offers Studios Delay for New Releases – Netflix is talking about delaying the release of new movies for their subscribers as a deal with the studios.  Good or bad it’s looking very likely.
  • GeekTonic Deal Watcher 11/11/2009
  • Barnes & Noble Bringing eBooks to Canada
  • Kindle Gets Windows App – Mac Version Coming Soon
  • How TV Tuners Work – A very informative piece on how tv tuners work
  • AppleTV Users Take Note – Update or Lose Your Media
  • PopcornHour C-200 Giveaway – The Winner Is… – Reading GeekTonic can really pay off.  It sure did for one reader who won this media player.
  • Microsoft MediaCenter CableCard Firmware Update Arrives – And it’s a big one.
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