Saturday, November 14, 2009

Working Screenshot of SageTV and CableCard Tuner

You might remember that talk of SageTV getting a way to use CableCard tuners right?  Well, thanks to Andrew known as babgvant, maker of countless Media Center and SageTV add-ons and the well-known DVRMSToolbox the tool to bring CableCard to SageTV is near.  And thanks to Mike Garcen of fame it’s getting a public workout to see how viable the CableCard/SageTV solution really is.

Mike isn’t sharing too much yet, but he does have a screenshot showing SageTV tuning an HD channel being recorded by his ATI CableCard tuner with firmware 1.9 installed on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit computer.  I’m anxiously waiting to hear more about this as I haven’t acquired that CableCard tuner I had hoped to “borrow.”  Once the Ceton comes out this could be a very big deal.

MissingRemote CableCard SageTV

via MissingRemote – check out the full-size screenshot there