Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ceton 4-Tuner CableCard Price and Info Leaked

Dave Zatz is reporting that the Ceton Quad-Tuner CableCard that the Windows MediaCenter community has been waiting for anxiously will sell for $399 and be part of the annual Microsoft opening CES keynote address tomorrow night.  Zatz speculates that the inclusion of Ceton in Steve Balmers CES keynote signals possible additional attention on MediaCenter or at least home media tech.

Looks like this CES could actually end up being a significant one for the GeekTonic crowd – check out my “what to watch for at CES” post for an idea of what I’m looking for this year.  We should learn much more in the coming days.  What do you MediaCenter/HTPC enthusiasts think of the price for the 4-tuner CableCard Ceton?

via ZatzNotFunny!