Sunday, January 03, 2010

SiliconDust to Announce CableCard Product at CES

We’ve been hearing of something exciting coming from the SiliconDust shop – the company that brought us the ever-popular SiliconDust HDHomeRun dual tuner product (a favorite of mine) and it looks like this is the week we’ll be getting the details on it.

SiliconDust HDHR

This hasn’t been officially announced or completely confirmed yet so we’ll have to wait for final confirmation later this week.  But on the SiliconDust forums, it’s been leaked that the company will be announcing a new CableCARD HDHomeRun product!  The official announcement with all of the details will come at CES later this week.  Here’s a screenshot leaked by a developer at SiliconDust earlier today:

SiliconDust HDHR CableCard

The developer posted this screen-shot in response to questions and speculation on the forums about a new product – he also said

“We are quiet because we are busy – {More info at CES)

Very exciting news given SiliconDust’s excellent track record and the flexibility of the HDHomeRun Networked TV Tuners.  The recent elimination of the CableLabs certification requirement for the PC makes CableCard more accessible to all Windows 7 Media Center users.  Add to that the ongoing development of a plugin to bring CableCard to SageTV users and it’s exciting to even more HTPC enthusiasts.

More information coming soon – I can only hope there’s a multi-tuner CableCard possibility with this… 

And we’ll soon find out more about the Ceton multi-tuner CableCard at CES as well.