Monday, January 04, 2010

COOL-ER e-Book Reader Lineup Expanded

As I suspected there will be quite a few challengers to the e-Reader scene at CES this week.  First up is an expanded lineup from Interead with their COOL-ER e-Reader product.

I really couldn’t care less about the multi-color thing these things sport, but the form factor looks promising.

Here’s the product lineup they’ll be showing off at CES:

COOL-ER Compact

As the name suggests, this is the smallest of the bunch at 6.7" x 4.6" x 0.41" (170 mm x 117 mm x 10 mm).  It has a 6" E Ink® screen and 2GB of onboard memory (expandable via SD card to 6GB total).

COOL-ER Classic

COOL-ER e-Reader Classic

This is the one they have available already today at  It will be arriving in new colors though.

Cool-ER Connect

This one adds WiFi and touch-screen to the Classic version.  It weighs 5.8 oz.  Scheduled to be available in Spring 2010.


This is the newest e-Reader in their lineup and is slated to be available in mid-2010.  3G wireless connectivity via AT&T is the big item on this one.

COOL-ER e-Readders work with ePub and PDF and has access to bookstores online like

The biggest obstacle these e-Readers will encounter is the pricing compared to the Kindle and Nook.  Because the bookstores they access are less known and likely have a smaller U.S. catalog, the price has to be lower.  Currently the classic COOL-ER e-Reader runs $249 on their website.

via Engadget