Monday, October 18, 2010

BeyondTV Gets Updated to 4.9.3

Well what do we have here?  Out of the blue comes a welcome update to the BeyondTV PC DVR software.  Nothing too exciting but any sign of life will be very welcome to those who still use Snapstream’s HTPC software  This would be the first update to BeyondTV since June of 2009!  And that in and of itself is pretty significant for a HTPC software that had its first BeyondTV 4 release back in 2005.

BeyondTV Logo

Version 4.9.3 Release Notes Build 6535

Bug Fixes

- Port conflict with Placeshifting feature causes high CPU usage and continuous error messages
- Hide option in Recorded Shows defaults to none when original is actually hidden
- ShowSqueeze to H.264 fails for files larger than 4GB
- Some manual recordings display projected record time incorrectly after Daylight Savings Time change
- Users without Manage Conflicts permission can force recordings
- Can't burn long files to a data DVD
- Series view in Recorded Shows disrupts the scrollbar
- Unicode file tags are not handled properly by H.264 ShowSqueeze


- Allow software rendering warnings to be disabled in Link
- Support for iPod Touch and iPhone with firmware version 3.x
- DirecTV RC32 remote added to USB-UIRT code library
- New encoder and file tagger for H.264 ShowSqueeze

Head over to the Snapstream Site for the download

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