Saturday, October 23, 2010

SageTV HD300 Extender Firmware Update Released

SageTV HD300

Last night the SageTV team pushed out another firmware update for the SageTV HD300.  Changes include:

  1. Fixed memory fragmentation issue that could sometime happen with online videos followed by high resolution when native resolution output was enabled
  2. Work around issue with mkv files that have very large index to use linear playback.
  3. Improve memory usage
  4. Increase available texture memory
  5. Increase resolution of the osd plane (experimental)
  6. Fixed 2 bugs in dvd playback


This is a beta firmware, but my experience with these has been extremely good.  As always, updating involves opening the HD300 in Media Player Mode, going to settings>firmware update & entering the code 2382 ('beta') with the remote control.

via SageTV Forums


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