Saturday, October 23, 2010

Plex HTPC Team Releases v0.9.1

Plex, the popular Mac-fork of the XBMC project released an update to Plex V9 today.

Plex Logo

The update brings extra stability, faster UI and some new features.

New Features Include:

  • Cast information restored to movie information dialog in Plex for Mac.
  • Ability to choose a specific piece of media to watch (e.g. HD, SD) if you have multiple media items. (You can disable this in Preferences > Video.
  • Added back “By Albums” in iTunes plug-in. Sometimes all you need is a little more cowbell.
  • Allow splitting apart TV Shows and Movies in the media manager. You can see an example here.
  • Added an “Unwatched” section for Movies and TV Shows.
  • Added “By Album” in music library sections.
  • Allow browsing for on-disk graphics (posters/art) in the Media Manager.
  • Support for volume control in new remote control protocol.
  • Display number of items for each piece of media (e.g. if you have SD and HD versions of a movie). If you sort by items descending it’s a good way to see if you have any duplicated media (Reveal in Finder will show all of them) or if the agents have mistakenly matched two different pieces of media to the same thing. Yes, I’m really this disorganized, or at least I was until now!
  • Searching for matches in the media manager is now asynchronous and can be cancelled. Death to beach balls!
  • Preferences > Transcoding, we’ve added an option to offer higher bitrates over 3G.
  • In Preferences > Library, you can optimize your database.

Add to that a ton of bug fixes and improvements all listed out on the Plex Blog

Get your Plex update by downloading via auto-update in the Plex UI or from the Plex Home Page