Monday, October 18, 2010

SageTV 7 Updates to 7.0.21 Release Candidate 5

SageTV Logo

We’re up to release candidate 5 of SageTV and it sounds like we could have the final SageTV 7.0 here in the next few days or so if this one goes well.  Here’s a rundown of what’s new in this 7.0.21 version:

Several bug fixes and updates in this one – no new features.  The biggest updates include:

  • Fixed bug on Windows where switching between QAM and ATSC modes did not work unless the application was restarted. This was also the cause of initial failures with QAM/ATSC tuners sometimes as well.
  • Fixed issue on Windows Vista/7 where HDMI hotplugging would sometimes cause the UI to appear at an incorrect size
  • Fix: playing mkv or online video failure (block screen, no audio, no video)

There’s a bunch more.  If curious, head over to the SageTV forums for the complete changelog and download links.