Friday, October 15, 2010

N-PVR HTPC freeware Releases New Beta 1.5.33

The popular freeware HTPC program formerly known as GB-PVR and now N-PVR has a new beta.


The beta 1.5.33 update includes mostly bug fixes and improvements, but also adds the following new features:

  • Rolling file support to MVP server, allowing mvpmc to do live tv.
  • New notification events for plugin developers
  • Ability to queue tracks in the music library, rather than just replacing the tracks that are currently playing
  • ISO6937 text support for EPG (mainly eastern european countries)
  • Support for Daemon Tools for playing .ISO DVDs.
  • Support for jumping directly to a dvd chapter during playback by typing the chapter number then pressing enter
  • Support for custom tasks
  • Highlighting in TV Guide timeline for periods that have recordings
  • Key (ctrl-w) for going back to the previous channel in live tv.


Head to the forums to get the full changelog and download