Friday, October 15, 2010

SageTV gets Improved DVB Support with DVBLogic

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If you are a SageTV in Europe, this should be some welcome news.  This week, DVBLogic and SageTV have an integrated solution to allow for the two programs to work together.  Here’s a quick re-cap of what that means:

SageTV has had DVB services support built-in for a long time, but the scope of implementation and stability for some users has been less than ideal.  This is partly because the developer group of SageTV is located in the U.S. so it has been more difficult to test and develop for Europe-based TV.  Since DVB has been a European standard, DVB support is a must-have if you’re using SageTV there.  So while SageTV has a healthy group of European users, there has been a crying out for more from those users.  Enter DVBLogic.

DVBLogic which is based in Europe has a mature solution for DVB-HTPC users that is proven to work well.  DVBLogic has mostly been a solution for Microsoft Windows MediaCenter, but now has added support fo SageTV as well.  DVBLogic now provides Virtual BDA DVB Cards for SageTV allowing the SageTV team to focus on strengthening their internal DVB support – putting that focus on DVBLogic’s virtual cards and the features these offer instead of trying to support every DVB card out there individually.

Thanks to the combined work of SageTV developers and the DVBLogic developers, the combination of SageTV and DVBLogic supports DiSEqC, IP Cameras, IPTV Providers, and many many other options. And the integration is going to continue to evolve to make these two products integrate even more.  In essence, this DVBLogic + SageTV solution ends the need of European users to use network streamers for watching DVB, IPTV, and many other sources.

Check out the following links for more information on the DVBLogic + SageTV Solution:

I’m curious if there are any European readers interested in this solution – if so let me know in the comments.