Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SageTV HD300 Gets Another Detailed Review

If you haven’t taken my advice yet and purchased a SageTV HD300 Player/Extender you should check out the latest HD300 Review – this time by Damian at  I consider Damian an expert on media players and a demanding one at that.  Put this on your must-read list for SageTV HD300 information.

SageTV HD300

Here’s an excerpt from his conclusion:

“Of course the question that I will get asked, would I recommend the HD300? This is actually a tough one, so let me break it down into a few parts. First, if you are looking for full Windows Home Server integration then the HD300 is a no brainer. If you are looking to integrate a TV tuner farm setup with small/quiet clients, then the HD300 is a no brainer (as long as you understand that currently SageTV does not work with Cable Card tuners).”

He went on to explain that the recommendation was more difficult when you get to using SageTV HD300 as a standalone player.  Check out the full review for the whole story

Review: SageTV HD Theater HD300 at