Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How To Set Up SageTV 7 – SageTV Basics

SageTV Logo

Our friend Andy (known as Babgvant to many) has just posted a very, very detailed guide to setting up SageTV 7 at MissingRemote.  It goes into so much detail it seems a bit overwhelming but much of that is because of the hundreds of screen-shots he included of the setup process.

I should note that several of the steps he included are good to do when you’ll be using SageTV on your HTPC, but you can skip a bunch of them if you’re just going to use an extender (HD200 or HD300) for playback.  For the newbies and those wanting to give SageTV a spin this is a great guide to check out.

Guide: Installing SageTV V7 at MissingRemote


Another excellent “Getting started with SageTV Guide” can be found at Destiny’s Darlin’