Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sonos Gets New Play:3 Hardware

One of my favorite home media devices is the Sonos Music System.  Today Sonos announced a new addition to their music-streaming hardware lineup, the Sonos Play:3.


The Play:3 is a smaller, all-in-one streaming music player priced at $299.  Like the very popular larger Sonos S5, the Play:3 gives you access to your digital music collection served up from a PC or NAS as well as access to most online music services including Pandora, Sirius, Spotify and many more.  This new device includes three digital drivers, one tweeter and two mid-range amps.  This device does not include a subwoofer so I would assume it’s intended for somewhat smaller rooms.

Like all Sonos devices this system is controlled by Sonos’s own controller or an iOS or Android device.  I might add this device in a bedroom or small office where space (or cost) was a concern.  Early reports are that the sound quality is very good, but for larger rooms or if you’re only planning to have a single Sonos device, I’d still go with an S5 or one of the others where you use your own speaker.  It does fit in just below the S5 for their lineup and looks to be a solid addition to the Sonos Family.

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