Monday, June 25, 2007

Google Reader Outage = Internet Withdrawal

Early this morning, Google Reader was down and not feeding me with my morning reading from the many blogs I read every day before work. It was down from around 11pm EST until around 9am EST. I had my coffee, but not my hundred-plus stories to read on my feeder. Rather than just go without my morning cup of internet, I filled my time by focusing on what I find to be the most informative and interesting weblogs. I started with Techcrunch (which was reporting about the Google Reader downtime by the way) and then went to digg, Lifehacker, AppScout, Download Squad,, Make Magazine, Digital Media Thoughts, Mashable and last but certainly not least Chris Pirillo. These aren't all of the weblogs I check every day, but their some of my favorites.

After that, believe it or not, I pryed my eyes from the monitor and actually got some work done. I missed my internet feeding, but still survived just fine. It reminded me to back up my feeds from Google Reader also. Wouldn't want to lose all of the great sites I have saved on my Reader!

Google Reader now seems to be back to normal so I'll have to work harder to get my non-internet work done. Oh well, back to the internet I go...