Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wii Games Ideas: Games They Should Make For The Wii

I've had my Wii game machine for several weeks now with just the Wii sports game that came with the machine. It is still very entertaining and a crowd favorite when we have people - young and old - over for visits. It obviously appeals to more than just the typical video-gamer types and therefore needs games that are designed especially with the motion sensing Wii controller in mind. Another thing that seems to appeal to people about the Wii is the way it is an interactive experience. This afternoon after working on another non-tech project around the home, I was daydreaming about some game ideas for the Wii. These are the types of games I think would sell and do very well on the Wii console:

Sports Oriented:

  • Wii Sports 2 - rumored to be Swimming, Hockey, Volleyball, and Horse Riding
  • More Wii Golf like the one for Wii sports except with more Golf courses for Wii Golf & more games of course.
  • A Better Baseball Game (better than the one on Wii sports I mean) - I think that game will be the Bigs coming out tomorrow!

  • Volleyball - This is another sport I think would work well with the Wii controllers
  • Wrestling - Regular and Sumo - The holds, the moves, the slams....
  • Family Games: Frisby Golf (yep its a sport and would work on the Wii), Horseshoes (or washers), Croquet, Badmitton - like tennis, mini-golf (put-put)
  • Water Sports: Water Polo, Jet Ski / Water Ski
  • Dirt Bike
  • Playground Games: Dodgeball, Tetherball.... Don't say I'm crazy here, it is rumored to be coming from EA.

  • Basketball - I don't think there is one for the Wii yet, but with the controls of the Wii this could be really fun to play.
  • Fencing - Cmon', sword fighting with your friends without fear of dying.
  • Summer Olympics: Lots of possibilities here like Track & Field
  • Winter Olympics
Other Game Ideas:
  • Casino: Poker - Texas Hold em and "scrap" poker games, Craps (imagine throwing the dice with your remote...), Roullette, Blackjack etc.
  • Shooting Games: Cmon, we need a proper gun controller and then some good shooting games. Everyone talks about duck hunt, but there are lots of good shooting games that would work with the Wii and would appeal to large numbers.
  • Bar Games: Darts, Foosball, Table Shuffleboard, Bar Fight :)
  • Some sort of Pitfall game - swinging from the vines...
  • Star Wars with light saber fights
  • Donkey Kong
  • Kung Fu Fighting - Karate
  • Trivia Online - like NTN that could be played online or against others on your wii console

Lets not forget that we need real online playing also. Can't wait for that to arrive. Okay, back to reality. I really do like the Wii and I was a true gamer at one time. I would have been an Xbox 360 buyer, but the Wii really appealed to my entire family and is so popular for parties for my teen daughter as well as for the wife & I, the Wii was just too much to pass up on.

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