Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Technorati Crippled: Feeds and Pinging Down for Five Days!

I've been a user of Technorati from the start of this weblog and have found its services very useful. Unfortunately, for the past 5 days, Technorati has not been updating its blog authority, authority and hasn't been updating for new feeds. This outage has been affecting a large number of Technorati customers who have been pleading for help from Technorati to no avail. For an idea of the numbers who have been affected, check out the Technorati support forums to see the huge numbers of posts from people with no response from admin.

Here's a screenshot from the "ping" page of Technorati after pinging. I've also sent in a customer support e-mail request with no response.

I wonder if Technorati is having serious issues and trying to fix those issues or just ignoring that there is even a problem. This isn't the first time they have had issues. Darren Rowse wrote about major problems with them last year, Vario Creative Blog writes Is Technorati Down for the Count?, Sambrook is having trouble also.

Hopefully they will fix these problems. If not there will be someone who will step up and make a better alternative.
If you happen to be one of those having issue with Technorati, post a comment to me. Also, there is a DIGG story that might bring attention to this issue. The digg isn't to my blog here, but to the forums. CLICK HERE TO DIGG
I just recevied a response from Ryan (an admin at Technorati) who said the following:
We're working on it. I know it can be frustrating when we aren't lightning-fast
responsive, but the delay in response is usually because we're working on the
core of the problem.
This looks like a good sign. He's also now commented on their support forums and my Technorati did update. Unfortunately this was just a very-temporary fix as I cannot manually update and it does not automatically update so I seem to be back in the same spot yet again. Even worse, technorati missed any backlinks from other sites to my blog during that time so in essence, they docked my "technorati authority".