Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Internet Connect Your Wii Console - Get the Browser Free until July 1st

If you have a Wii Game Machine, but haven't yet connected it to the internet. Now is the time. You probably have a high-speed internet connection at home and likely even have WiFi at home. If so, you are ready to connect your Wii to the Internet.

What Can the Nintendo Wii do Online?

  • Play Free Flash Games
  • Purchase and Play Virtual Console Games (Virtual Console Games are games from older Nintendo Systems)
  • Hook up with other Wii users & send messages, send pictures, share the Mii you created.
    View News & Weather
  • Vote in Polls
  • Play Games Against Others Online (Only Pokemon Battle Revolution can do this so far, but many more are coming)
  • Update the Wii's firmware for new features
  • View the Internet with the Opera Web Browser.

Get The Wii Internet Browser This Week While Its Free

Speaking of the Wii Opera Web Browser, according to the Opera Website, the Wii version of the Opera web browser will only be free until Saturday, June 30, 2007. Get it by Saturday since it is free for the life of the system because beginning July 1st, 2007 it will cost you about 500 Wii points (approximately $5).

For everything you need to know about hooking up your Wii console to the internet, check out Nintendo's setup page. There are good instructions with play-by-play pictures if you need it. Remember, if you have WiFi already, you don't need to buy anything to make it work on the internet. Just input your WiFi settings on the Wii and your ready to go.