Thursday, June 28, 2007

Home Theater PC's -- Where to Find Help

If you are a Home Theater PC (HTPC) enthusiast or just someone who is thinking of getting into the HTPC world, you will undoubtedly need help from others who have experience with this specialty. HTPC's are not Tivo's or Cable Boxes - they are better. HTPC's are however more work to set up and more work to maintain. It is almost guaranteed that you will need help at some point so where do you turn?

I've used Meedio, SageTV and BeyondTV over the years and can say that your first point of reference should be the forums. Start by checking the forums for the software you are using (or plan using) to get ideas and help. Search for things you need help on and if you can't find it by searching, post your question. The forums will always be a great resource for the HTPC user. Here are the best resources for HTPC's including websites, forums and blogs. If you have a question about HTPC's feel free to add a comment to this post or send me a not via the "contact me" link on this webpage.

Generic HTPC Help

AVS Forum - Home Theater Computers Section
Build Your Own PVR Forums
Missing Remote Forums
Guru3d Forums
Zats Not Funny
Brent Evans Geek Tonic - I post occasionally about HTPC's

Snapstream's Beyond TV
Beyond TV Official Forums - I spend quite a lot of time on this forum. Sometimes helping others, sometimes keeping up on new stuff and always learning. A great community that has helped me tremendously.
Beyond HTPC - a Beyond TV-centric site with plugin downloads and news
Beyond Addons- a Beyond TV-centric site with add-ons (of course) as well as forums and chat
Project HTPC
Peter Long's Website
Brent Evans Geek Tonic - Lots of Beyond TV how-to's on this blog

Microsoft Media Center
Green Button - One of the most popular MCE resource with news and forums
Australian Media Center Support Community
Chris Lanier - Weblog of Microsoft MVP, Chris Lanier
Ed Bott's Media Central
Floppyhead Digital Media & Home Theater Computers

SageTV Official Forums

GBPVR official Forums

Media Portal
Media Portal official Forums

MythTV Main Page
Monolithmc - with a MythTV focus
MythTV Wiki
Building MythTV on Fedora