Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Funny Story From the Past: Self Driving Car Next Year?

Just two years ago, Engadget had a big story about the GM Self Driving Car that would be launched in 2008. The story hit the front page of and created a bunch of buzz. Problem is, it isn't going to happen in 2008 at least. I'm guessing its probably because of incompatabilities between the Vista Operating System and the drivers..... Okay that was uncalled for, but it's just funny to see how crazy press releases like this make such big news and then are never discussed again.

Now it looks like VW has some sort of self-driving car that is actually being tested. If you're interested, check out this video (Note: You'll have to put up with some cheezy video hosts, but they actually are demonstrating a working self-driving car):

Either way, I'm not too excited about anyone letting a computer do the driving for you. I love computers and all, but still don't trust them in a real-life situation unless its a really expensive computer running the show and even still...