Saturday, September 01, 2007

Control Your HTPC with your iPhone or Smartphone

Snapstream's latest beta release of Beyond TV (version 4.7) was officially announced last night. One unique feature included in this version is a cool new feature they call the Firefly Nano (named after their Firefly Remote for HTPC's) for those of you who have an iPhone or SmartPhone. For no additional cost over the standard BTV license fee you can control your Beyond TV with your iPhone or SmartPhone just as you can with your remote control. It connects over the internet the same way BeyondTV's WebAdmin does (read more about BTV webadmin here). Note this is to remote control your Beyond TV only - no playback actually happens on your phone.
This is a screen-shot of the actual screen on your SmartPhone/iPhone

This is a screen-shot of the remote library screen. Here you will see the listings of all the shows you have recorded on Beyond Tv. You can select a show here to start playback of the selected show.

For more on the new 4.7 public beta version of BeyondTV, read this article.

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