Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Build Your Own Arcade Game Seat

I know many of my readers enjoy home gaming including Xbox, Playstation, Wii etc. There are many others who share my love of the old arcade games and have built MAME machines to emulate those old arcade games. I'm still in the research phase of my MAME arcade project, but in the meantime, I've stumbled upon several really nice do-it-yourself gaming seats. What do I mean by gaming seats? Well you've probably seen some of those sit-on-the-floor seats sold for use with home game machines like the Xbox360 etc. Here is a collection of really cool airplane and racing cockpits and just plain old gaming-specific seats.

For starters you could build a Logitech Driving Force PRO Steering Wheel Mount like this one

There is a great website on how this racing wheel mount was made HERE

Here's a Racing Cockpit Built to use with games on the Playstation such as Gran Turismo 3. He used the Logitech Driving Force steering wheel and built his own racing cockpit. Read more about how this Racking Cockpit was built - lots of photos and information.

Here's another Racing Game Chair built by the guys at Toolmonger with a $380 welder. It turned out pretty nice

For something a little different, we have a Force Feedback Simulator
This one is complete with a tilting platform and even a cupholder! It's a pretty cool project so check it out at InventGeek

A True Racing Simulator
This one seems to be a bit more then just a game, but it's really cool .

Joyrider - made for flight simulations it enables you to feel the responsiveness and balance with full motion range, has a progressive stick resistance and has lots of controller options. This is a popular ones among the flight simulator fans.

If you just want to buy a gaming chair, you might want to check out this one. It's a simulator as much as a gaming chair.

If you're really serious about making your own arcade game seat. Check out RaceSimCentral. They have some great ideas and examples of projects that have been done by others.
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