Friday, August 31, 2007

MySpace Music Still Being Downloaded

Here we go again. Last week I posted about a website that offered a way to find and download songs from Myspace for free - you know the music that was meant to be streamed (not downloaded) on MySpace pages. Well after posting about that site, that site was taken down before the day was over.

I had a comment to that post mention that there was another site that was up that allowed you to do the same thing. This one is called MySpaceGrab and to use it you fill in the MySpace URL for a particular artist, click the "grab" button and it lists all of the songs available by name.

To download a song, you then right-click on the song name and select save link as.

Here's a screenshot of the website after searching for Fergie.

The site is up right now, but lets see how long it lasts. Honestly, sites like these really make artists less likely to use the web to promote their music for fear of their music being stolen. For me most songs on MySpace are small, 96KBPS files so not good enough quality for me.
The site can be found at