Tuesday, September 04, 2007

17 Year Old Girl Turns MySpace Themes into Million Dollar Plus Business

This is a little off-topic from my usual content, but I just couldn't get over this story. I run this my blog as a hobby where the advertising covers my expenses plus a little more - definitely not enough to cover the time I spend on it at this point anyway. Still, blogging for me isn't my day job by any means. I work for a small company and so I'm an interested reader of FastCompany Magazine.

So today, I ran across this article in FastCompany about this girl who at 14 (now 17) dropped out of school to build her online business. I immediately was thinking "what was this girl thinking" as I read that, but then I read the following facts:
  • Her first adsense check was for $2,790
    She now earns as much as $70k per month from her Whateverlife.com site

  • She was offered $1.5 million and a car of her choice--as long as the price tag wasn't more than $100,000 (and turned the offer down)

  • She has taken in more than $1 million

  • According to Google Analytics, Whateverlife attracts more than 7 million individuals and 60 million page views a month. That's a larger audience than the circulations of Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and CosmoGirl! magazines combined.

  • She has now hired several of her friends to help run the business.

Truly amazing. Count me as very impressed. I'll be interested to see what she does as she gets older.

Read the entire amazing story at FastCompany.