Sunday, September 02, 2007

College Football Schedule Maker - Customized for You

If you are a college football fan, doing a google search I just stumbled upon the coolest thing since.... well since college football! It's a simple, but very useful college football schedule creator. The website tool allows you to display the football schedule customized by team, conference, timezone and week.

It even has a special feature for the Michigan fans so they can forget about that first game defeat - just set the start date for the schedule to begin just after that amazing loss against Appalachian State!. You have the ability to customize the schedule by start and end date as well as the option of showing the the logo.

Here's a screenshot of the schedule creator:

All of this in a very usable table format. All 119 NCAA teams are represented - you choose which ones you want to see on your customized schedule.

Here's a screenshot of a schedule with the Big12 and SEC represented
Don't hesitate, get over there and try this out. It's just that cool!
Create Your Own Customized College Football Schedule HERE

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