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Fall 2007 TV Season Premiers: The Ultimate Guide


I've gathered a complete listing of all of the TV Season Premiers for Fall 2007 for you.  This is an updated list from the one I posted last month and should include all the new premiers for most of the major TV Networks (broadcast and cable) in the U.S.  There are a bunch of shows here folks so pick and choose the ones most appealing to you.  Otherwise you will most definitely turn into a couch potato!
Viewing Heroes with Beyond TV
My strategy for the new shows is to record the first season of any new shows I think I might be interested in with my five-tuner Beyond TV DVR.  Then once the season is over, I'll delete those that got really bad reviews, those that will be canceled by their networks and those that I just never get around to.  I make exceptions for shows I know I'll like such as Heroes and Shark.
Each of the new shows are marked with two asterisks and noted in the "new" column.  There are hyperlinks for any shows with previews, extra information and in some cases free, full episodes.  Don't forget that the NBC Pilot Episodes will be available on Amazon Unbox starting September 10th.  For a list of only the new show premiers only go to this post.

If you want to see all premiers, check out the list below:
CLICK HERE to download a free, PDF version of this TV Premier listing, Enjoy!
Premier Date
Day Show Name New?
8/30/2007 Thursday Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?  (FOX)
9/4/2007 Tuesday Lincoln Heights  (ABC FAMILY)
9/4/2007 Tuesday The Contender  (ESPN)
9/5/2007 Wednesday Tim Gunn's Guide To Style  (BRAVO)
9/6/2007 Thursday Don’t Forget The Lyrics  (FOX)
9/8/2007 Saturday Torchwood  (BBC AMERICA)
9/8/2007 Saturday America’s Most Wanted  (FOX)
9/8/2007 Saturday Cops  (FOX) 19th Season
9/8/2007 Saturday ** Extreme Ghost Stories  NEW (WE)
9/8/2007 Saturday John Edward Cross Country  (WE)
9/8/2007 Saturday ** Rescue Mediums  NEW (WE)
9/8/2007 Saturday ** iCarly NEW (NICK)
9/9/2007 Sunday Curb Your Enthusiasm  (HBO)
9/9/2007 Sunday Tell Me You Love Me  (HBO)
9/11/2007 Tuesday The Biggest Loser  (NBC)
9/13/2007 Thursday It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia  (FX)
9/14/2007 Friday Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders  (CMT) Seriously
9/14/2007 Friday ** Nashville  NEW (FOX)
9/14/2007 Friday WWE Smackdown  (THE CW)
9/15/2007 Saturday MADtv  (FOX)
9/15/2007 Saturday Talkshow with Spike Feresten (FOX)
9/16/2007 Sunday Just Jordan (NICK)
9/17/2007 Monday Inside The Actors Studio  (BRAVO)
9/17/2007 Monday ** K-Ville  NEW (FOX)
9/17/2007 Monday Prison Break  (FOX)
9/17/2007 Monday Deal or no Deal  (NBC)
9/18/2007 Tuesday Beauty and the Geek  (CW)
9/19/2007 Wednesday ** Kitchen Nightmares  NEW (FOX)
9/19/2007 Wednesday ** Kid Nation  NEW (CBS)
9/19/2007 Wednesday America’s Next Top Model  (CW)
9/19/2007 Wednesday ** Back to You  NEW (FOX)
9/19/2007 Wednesday Bones  (FOX)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Gossip Girl  NEW (CW)
9/19/2007 Wednesday Til Death  (FOX)
9/19/2007 Wednesday Ultimate Fighter  (SPIKETV)
9/20/2007 Thursday Survivor:China  (CBS)
9/20/2007 Thursday Manswers  (SPIKETV)
9/21/2007 Friday Avatar (Nick)
9/21/2007 Friday Friday Night Smackdown  (CW)
9/23/2007 Sunday Cold Case  (CBS)
9/23/2007 Sunday Shark  (CBS) Must See
9/23/2007 Sunday Family Guy  (FOX)
9/23/2007 Sunday King of the Hill  (FOX)
9/23/2007 Sunday The Simpsons  (FOX)
9/23/2007 Sunday ** The CW Now  NEW (THE CW)
9/23/2007 Sunday ** Online Nation  NEW (THE CW)
9/23/2007 Sunday The War (Miniseries) (PBS) Must See
9/24/2007 Monday Dancing With The Stars  (ABC) Watch Mark Cuban Dance!
9/24/2007 Monday Bachelor  (ABC)
9/24/2007 Monday ** The Big Bang Theory  NEW (CBS)
9/24/2007 Monday CSI:Miami  (CBS)
9/24/2007 Monday How I Met Your Mother  (CBS) Must See
9/24/2007 Monday Rules of Engagement  (CBS)
9/24/2007 Monday Two and a Half Men  (CBS)
9/24/2007 Monday ** Chuck  NEW (NBC)
9/24/2007 Monday ** Journeyman  NEW (NBC)
9/24/2007 Monday Heroes  (NBC) Must See
9/24/2007 Monday Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
9/25/2007 Tuesday Boston Legal  (ABC)
9/25/2007 Tuesday ** Cane  NEW (CBS)
9/25/2007 Tuesday NCIS  (CBS)
9/25/2007 Tuesday The Unit  (CBS)
9/25/2007 Tuesday ** Reaper  NEW (CW)
9/25/2007 Tuesday Bones  (FOX)
9/25/2007 Tuesday House  (FOX)
9/25/2007 Tuesday ** The Singing Bee  NEW (NBC)
9/25/2007 Tuesday Law & Order: SVU  (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Dirty Sexy Money  NEW (ABC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Private Practice  NEW (ABC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Criminal Minds  (CBS)
9/26/2007 Wednesday CSI:NY  (CBS)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Gossip Girl  NEW (CW)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Bionic Woman  NEW (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Life  NEW (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Deal or no Deal  (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Life  (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Ghost Hunters  (SCIFI)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Haunted  (SCIFI)
9/27/2007 Thursday Ugly Betty  (ABC) My Wife Loves This One
9/27/2007 Thursday ** Big Shots  NEW (ABC)
9/27/2007 Thursday Grey’s Anatomy  (ABC)
9/27/2007 Thursday CSI: Crime Scene Investigations (CBS)
9/27/2007 Thursday Without a Trace  (CBS)
9/27/2007 Thursday Smallville  (CW)
9/27/2007 Thursday My Name is Earl  (NBC)
9/27/2007 Thursday The Office  (NBC)
9/27/2007 Thursday ER  (NBC)
9/28/2007 Friday ** Moonlight  NEW (CBS)
9/28/2007 Friday Ghost Whisperer  (CBS)
9/28/2007 Friday Numb3rs  (CBS)
9/28/2007 Friday Deal or no Deal  (NBC)
9/28/2007 Friday Las Vegas  (NBC)
9/28/2007 Friday Stargate Atlantis  (SCIFI)
9/29/2007 Saturday 48 Hours Mysteries  (CBS)
9/30/2007 Sunday Brothers & Sisters  (ABC)
9/30/2007 Sunday Desperate Housewives  (ABC)
9/30/2007 Sunday Extreme Makeover: Home Edition  (ABC)
9/30/2007 Sunday American Dad  (FOX)
9/30/2007 Sunday Brotherhood  (SHOWTIME)
9/30/2007 Sunday Dexter  (SHOWTIME)
10/1/2007 Monday ** Aliens In America  NEW (CW)
10/1/2007 Monday Everybody Hates Chris  (CW)
10/1/2007 Monday Girlfriends  (CW)
10/1/2007 Monday The Game  (CW)
10/1/2007 Monday ** Dr. Steve-O  NEW (USA)
10/1/2007 Monday ** Wizards of Waverly Place NEW (Disney)
10/2/2007 Tuesday ** Carpoolers  NEW (ABC)
10/2/2007 Tuesday ** Cavemen  NEW (ABC) Yawn
10/2/2007 Tuesday Exalted!  (BET)
10/2/2007 Tuesday Sunday Best  (BET)
10/2/2007 Tuesday Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Bravo)
10/3/2007 Wednesday ** Better Half NEW (Bravo)
10/3/2007 Wednesday ** Pushing Daisies  NEW (ABC)
10/3/2007 Wednesday Sarah Silverman Program  (Comedy)
10/3/2007 Wednesday South Park  (Comedy)
10/4/2007 Thursday American Gangster  (BET)
10/4/2007 Thursday Drawn Together  (Comedy)
10/4/2007 Thursday Supernatural  (CW)
10/4/2007 Thursday 30 Rock  (NBC)
10/4/2007 Thursday Law & Order: Criminal Intent  (NBC)
10/5/2007 Friday Friday Night Lights  (NBC)
10/7/2007 Sunday America’s Funniest Home Videos  (ABC)
10/7/2007 Sunday ** Life is Wild  NEW (CW)
10/8/2007 Monday I Love New York (VH1)
10/12/2007 Friday Men in Trees  (ABC) Wife Favorite
10/12/2007 Friday ** Women’s Murder Club  NEW (ABC)
10/12/2007 Friday America’s Psychic Challenge  (LIFETIME)
10/12/2007 Friday Blood Ties  (LIFETIME)
10/12/2007 Friday Life Among the Dead  (LIFETIME)
10/13/2007 Saturday Search For The Next Elvira  (FOX REALITY)
10/14/2007 Sunday Girl Meets Cowboy  (WE)
10/15/2007 Monday ** Samantha Who?  NEW (ABC)
10/15/2007 Monday I Love New York  (VH1)
10/18/2007 Thursday ** Viva Laughlin  NEW (CBS)
10/19/2007 Friday The Next Great American Band  (FOX)
10/23/2007 Tuesday Nip/Tuck (FX)
10/25/2007 Thursday Scrubs  (NBC)
11/1/2007 Thursday ** In Plain Site NEW (USA)
11/14/2007 Wednesday Project Runway (Bravo)
11/24/2007 Saturday Battlestar Galactica Razor Movie (SCIFI) Must See
11/27/2007 Tuesday ** Cashmere Mafia  NEW (ABC)
1/2/2008 Wednesday One Tree Hill (THE CW)
1/6/2008 Sunday The L Word (SHOWTIME)
1/7/2008 Monday October Road (ABC)
1/14/2008 Thursday 24 (Fox) Must See
1/20/2008 Sunday Medium (NBC)
1/??/2008 TBA Eli Stone (ABC)
1/??/2008 TBA Miss Guided (ABC)
2/??/2008 TBA Amazing Race (CBS) Must See
2/??/2008 TBA Lost (ABC) Must See
2/??/2008 TBA ** Farmer Wants A Life NEW (CW)
MidSeason TBA ** Oprah's Big Give NEW (ABC)
MidSeason Friday ** New Amsterdam  NEW (FOX)
MidSeason TBA Crowned: The Mother Of All Pageants (CW)
MidSeason TBA ** Canterbury's Law NEW (FOX)
MidSeason TBA ** The Return of Jezebel James NEW (FOX)
MidSeason TBA ** The Rules For Starting Over NEW (FOX)
MidSeason TBA ** The Sarah Connor Chronicles NEW (FOX)
MidSeason TBA ** Unhitched NEW (FOX)
MidSeason TBA Jericho (CBS) Back by Popular Demand (and a lot of nuts) GREAT SHOW!
MidSeason TBA ** When Women Rule the World NEW (FOX)
MidSeason TBA ** Baby Borrowers NEW (NBC)
MidSeason TBA ** Lipstick Jungle NEW (NBC)
MidSeason TBA ** The IT Crowd NEW (NBC)
MidSeason TBA ** World Moves NEW (NBC)
In case you're interested in those shows that aren't returning this season here's a partial list:
20 Good Years (NBC)
3 lbs (CBS)
According To Jim (ABC)
All of Us (CW)
Andy Barker, P.I. (NBC)
Big Day (ABC)
Black Donnellys, The (NBC) -- I actually liked this one
Close To Home (CBS)
Crossing Jordan (NBC)
Day Break (ABC)
Drive (FOX)
Extreme Makeover (ABC)
George Lopez (ABC)
Gilmore Girls (CW)
Grease: You’re the One That I Want (NBC)
Great American Dream Vote, The (ABC)
Happy Hour (FOX)
Help Me Help You (ABC)
Identity (NBC)
In Case of Emergency (ABC)
Justice (FOX)
Kidnapped (NBC)
King of Queens (CBS)
The Nine (ABC)
The O.C. (FOX)
Raines (NBC)
Real Wedding Crashers, The (NBC)
The Rich List (FOX)
Runaway (CW)
Seventh Heaven (CW)
Show Me The Money (ABC)
Six Degrees (ABC)
Smith (CBS)
Standoff (FOX)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)
Thank God You’re Here (NBC)
Traveler (ABC)
Vanished (FOX)
Veronica Mars (CW)
The Wedding Bells (FOX)
What About Brian (ABC)
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