Friday, September 07, 2007

Must Read: Recommended Stories I'm Reading

It's the beginning of another weekend and time to share some of the best posts I'm reading from great blogs on the internet.

First off is from iLounge.  What features are included with the last version of iTunes 7.4?  Ringtones (but don't buy the ones they have, just make your own with the music you already own for free, support for the new iPhone/iTunes devices, iPhone Address Book Sync, Music Playlist Synch, Close Captioning, Video Playback in full video view, Album ratings etc.  Check out the full rundown over at iLounge.

Internet TV from Microsoft for those of you with Media Center PC's via Engadget.

Andrew Garcia is loving his iPhone and getting attached to BeyondTV with it's new iPhone/iPod integration.  I wrote about how you can control your BeyondTV DVR with your iPhone or Smartphone.  You can also auto-load your shows from BeyondTV onto your iPhone or iPod.

I've talked before about how with Beyond TV I can access my TV Guide, setup recordings, and manage recorded shows with their web-based webadmin across the internet.  I also can placeshift my recorded shows across the internet.  Well at Lifehacker today, they highlighted the user-made add-on for SageTV that while not part of the base, sagetv install does the same thing once installed.  Microsoft Media Center has a similar offering as well and it is now free also.

Adobe has been showing off their yet-to-be-released Photoshop Express Online-version today and Brad at DownloadSquad and Ryan at CybernetNews had good overviews of the new software. 

The HowTo Geek talks about how to use Microsoft Hotmail from within Outlook.

Have a great weekend!

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