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Jericho Season 1 DVD Get it Tuesday!

On Tuesday, October 2nd, Season One of the excellent, Jericho Television show will be released to DVD.



When it became known that Jericho was going to be canceled last Spring, Fans of Jericho sent in piles of peanuts to the network to send them a message.
Anyone who saw the season finale would recognize the peanuts reference to a wartime gesture of defiance.  It probably wasn't just the nuts, but CBS finally broke down and renewed the show for Season 2 if only for seven episodes.  For it to continue, the ratings will have to be good so I'm doing my part and make sure everyone knows to give the show a try.  It's a great show and you won't be disappointed. 


After a nuclear disaster caused by several terrorist attacks destroys most of America, residents of a small Kansas town (Jericho) must come to terms with a new and very different reality.  Think Red Dawn but much more of the story is about the people and how they deal with their new reality.  They don't know who attacked America or why.  There is some espionage and some action, but a good part of the storyline is about some great, compelling characters in a great story.


Here's a few ways to get caught up on the first season of Jericho:

OPTION 1:  Apple iTunes Click the button to the right to view Jericho on iTunes: Jericho

OPTION 2: Amazon Unbox:  Click the link to the right to view Jericho on Amazon Unbox: Jericho Season 1

OPTION 3: Amazon DVD Purchase: Click the link to the right to purchase the DVD:Jericho Season 1

OPTION 4: Rent Jericho Season 1 at Netflix add it to your queue now for delivery Tuesday, Oct 2nd.

OPTION 5: Watch the shows streamed on - NBC has all episodes available to watch online for free.


jericho2Jericho will return as a mid-season replacement sometime late this Fall or Early 2008.  I for one will be watching and hoping the show is successful enough for a third season to be picked up.

The New York Daily News had a few interesting tidbits about the coming 2nd season

"Now that the show is back on the map, said Carol Barbee (executive producer), hard-core fans and newcomers alike should be able to enjoy, and understand, what's happening when the show returns. (No start date has been set for the seven-episode run.)  The town of Jericho "has taken a step forward," since the finale, she said, "so it's going to be new information for everybody. And I think we do a pretty good job setting up what this new world is and understanding who the players are."
Barbee said the second-season premiere will begin with last season's cliffhanger battle, then jump a couple of weeks to show the town as it rebuilds."

Want some more Jericho inside info? has a bunch of information about the coming season including excerpts from an interview with the producers.  Some of the more interesting information from the article is this on the second season:

"A big question on everybody's mind was when we would actually see the seven episode Jericho: Season Two. Zreik told us that unfortunately, they had no set answer for that yet, with anywhere between November until January a possibility, depending on CBS's schedule, how their new fall series do, and when they decide to run some of their mid-season slate, including Jericho."

Whatever you do, give Jericho a chance and check out Season 1 with one of the links above.  It's a quality show that deserves to continue.


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