Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Photo Slider Game for Flickr

Just last week I highlighted a bunch of great games using flickr, a photo sharing site.  Well today I bring you another neat flickr game - this one is a photo slider game.  The game created by noviKorisnik is simple yet fun and works by taking any photo on flickr and then scrambling the photo into multiple puzzle pieces (# of pieces depends on the dimensions of the photo.)  An extra box is left blank and you "slide" the pieces around to unscramble the photo.


Here's what you need to install the game:

Now that the greasemonkey script is installed, head over to any photo page on flickr and at the top right of the photo you should see %puzzle.  Click on %puzzle and the game will begin.  To stop the game, use your mouse to click anywhere outside the game area of the puzzle.

Here's a screencast video demo of the game in action:

As you can see, I'm not that great at solving puzzles (they do require patience you know) so I didn't solve the one in the video above, but I have solved a few using this game and its fun - great timewaster!

Give it a try HERE

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