Monday, October 01, 2007

RSS Feeds For Beyond TV 4.7

btv1 A new, lesser-publicized feature of the most recent Beyond TV 4.7 that was just released is RSS Feeds.  With this latest version of BeyondTV, the webadmin provides access to RSS feeds of your upcoming recordings, recent recordings, disk space remaining and recent showsqueezed (compressed) recordings.  These feeds can include the hyperlink to open up a show or the hyperlink can be turned off.

I should note that this feature was added by none other than Ccarlin the same BTV user who developed another feature on the BeyondTV Webadmin - the ability to placeshift any record BeyondTV shows across the internet.  For more on how to placeshift Beyond TV shows across the internet, check out this post.


There are several applications to this feature including:

  • Show your recent recordings on your personal blog
  • Make a Windows Vista or other Desktop Gadget - below is an example of a mock-up vista gadget that is in development, but you could create your own fairly easily with the RSS feed.  [Note: Greg Caulder who is developing this gadget is looking for help with the images for this Vista Gadget - if you are interested in helping out, let him know]


  • Keep up with your BTV happenings via your RSS Reader like Google Reader (see example below)




First, you'll need to have your Beyond TV Webadmin set up.  Also if you want to access your feeds across the internet, you'll want to be sure and set up your firewall for that kind of access (here's how)

The RSS feed is as follows:

Note: Insert your BTV Server IP address or name in the place of "LOCALHOST"


The options for the different RSS feeds are as follows:

D - Disk space, R - Recent recordings, U - Upcoming Recordings, B - Blocked Recordings, S - Show Squeeze and Links is Y or N.

For example, if you wanted a feed with only the upcoming and recent recordings, the RSS address would be as follows:


Note that if will be using the rss feeds on a publicly accessible place such as a blog, you will want to be sure you have the Links=N set so that others viewing the feed won't have access to your server ip address or name.


Read more about the latest version of Beyond TV 4.7.1 HERE


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