Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stay Up To Date With BrentEvans GeekTonic Blog

Hopefully you are enjoying your time reading this blog.  If you are and you would like to keep up with the posts I have many great ways to do that.


1. Subscribe to the RSS Feed

2. Subscribe to the E-mail Feed - This is simple to do.  Just enter your e-mail address in the "subscribe to e-mail" box (it's located at the top right of this blog).  When you subscribe by e-mail, you'll receive an e-mail each morning (only when there are new posts) there are new posts on this Blog.  NOTE:  You can always unsubscribe at any time and I will NEVER spam you or give out or sell your e-mail address.


bullhorn I encourage everyone to comment on the posts at this blog. 

At the bottom of each of my posts, you'll see this: COMMENT Click on those words (at the bottom of the post of course) and enter your comment.  You can post anonymously or use your blogger login to post a comment.

I work hard to answer comments and it's fun to talk to the people who visit.  I will delete any posts that are outright spam or could be viewed as offensive.


email Wan't to send me a note?  Have a question and don't want to make it a public comment?  Just send me an e-mail.  I use contactify for receiving e-mails so my e-mail doesn't get harvested by those pesky spammers, but I will respond to any e-mails I receive from my readers (except for those spammers of course.)



Other ways to keep up with me?

suStumbleUpon - This is one of my favorite ways of finding new, interesting stuff on the web.

Digg - Another great way of finding fresh, interesting stuff on the web. Add me as a contact/friend and I'll see what stories you dug and you'll see what I dugg. In the end we'll likely digg many of the same stories because of similar interests.

MyBlogLog - For those of you bloggers out there, add me to your network and I'll add your blog to mine.

Technorati - Doesn't work the greatest for me, but still a decent source of blog data and feeds