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37 Tools To Upload to Flickr From Windows, Mac & Linux

FlickrPhotoUploadTools Today, Flickr announced a partnership with Microsoft to enable direct uploads to Flickr via Windows Live Photo Gallery.  This is yet another excellent way to get your photos to Flickr.  But don't stop there because there are currently 37 different ways to upload pictures to Flickr and I'll give you the low-down for each of them here.

Whether you are using Windows, a Mac, Linux or even your mobile phone; there are many ways to get those pictures to Flickr.  Many of the tools go way beyond the ability to upload and include editing, tagging and more.

1. We'll start off with the new Windows Live Photo Gallery Method.  You can now send photos to Flickr directly from your desktop using Windows Live Photo Gallery.  This includes bulk image upload, tagging,  photo resize, and more.  It even allows you to upload to multiple Flickr accounts if you have more than one.

1 Windows Live

2. Flickr Uploadr (official)
Upload photos to Flickr with Windows or Mac

2 Flickr Uploadr

3. 1001
Mac uploader - notifies when new photos are uploaded.

3 1001

4. Auto Upload to Flickr Script
Lifehacker shows how to use a python script to auto-upload photos to Flickr

4 script lifehacker

5. FireFlix
Uploads & manages Flickr photos for Firefox.  It requires the firefox web browser.  Once installed, just go to view > sidebar and then select firefox. 

5 Fireflix

6. Flickr Automator Action
Auto uploader for Flickr

7. Flickr Finder for Mac
Navigate Flickr photos with Mac

7 mac

8. Flickr Upload
Upload images to Flickr via the command line


9. Flickr Uploadr (Linux)
Upload photos from Linux

9 linux

10. FlickrBooth
Upload your Mac Photobooth photos to flickr

10 flickrbooth

11. FlickrByEmail

Upload photos to Flickr by e-mail - This is another official Flickr upload method.

11 email

12. Flickr Folder Monitr

Watches selected folder/s & uploads photos in that folder to Flickr - monitors for new photos as well

12 folder monitor

13. FlickrShop
Upload photos from Adobe Photoshop (Mac Version) to Flickr

13 FlickrShop

14. FlickrSync
Monitor image folders on your computer & syncs content to your Flickr account


15. Glimmr
An open source photo uploader for Flickr.  Glimmr can edit the photo tags and descriptions and then uploads the photos to Flickr

15 Glimmr

16. Grabbr
Streamline taking screenshots and then uploading them to your Flickr account


17. GratePic
Open Source, cross platform tool to post, comment and rate photos on flickr

17 Gratepic

18. Importer
Upload images to Flickr and automatically add them to groups and sets.  It can also import tags from a variety of third party image applications.  Windows Only.  Note:  Not being actively developed so may have bugs.

19. JUploadr
Upload photos from Windows, Mac & Linux to Flickr & Zooomr

19 Juploadr

20. Photo Desktop for Flickr
Desktop image edit (rotate, flip, tag, name, batch resize) then upload to Flickr.  Windows Only.

20 desktop

21. Photobox export to Flickr
A Firefox GreaseMonkey script that lets you export your photos from photobox to Flickr

22. Picasa2Flickr
Upload your picasa photos to Flickr

22 Picasa2Flickr

23. PictureSync
Upload photos with metadata using iPhoto and iView MediaPro.  Currently Mac Only, but Windows Version is in development.  Works with Multiple online photo services incuding flickr, fotki, ipernity, facebook, shutterfly, smugmug, webshots, Gallery G2 and more.

23 Picture Sync

24. Send2Flickr
This is another official Flickr uploader.  Send2Flickr is a windows explorer extension that lets you upload to Flickr right from windows explorer.

25. Shozu
Upload photos to Flickr with your mobile

25 shozu

26. Upload by Phone
The official, Flickr mobile phone uploader.

27. Uploader for Gnome Nautilus
Nautilus script for uploading photos to Flickr using the gnome file manager

Upload photos using python

29. UploadrXL
Upload photos to Flickr & add them directly to sets of groups

29 Uploadr XL

30. Waymarkr
Mobile phone app that tags & uploads your cameraphone pics straight to Flickr.

31. WebImager
Takes screen-shots & auto-uploads them to Flickr

31 Waymarkr

32. Yahoo Widget Uploader
Yahoo! widget that allows you to upload images to the Flickr photo-sharing service.

32 Yahoo Widget

33. ZoneTag
Instant upload of your photos to Flickr with geotags using two clicks on the same button.  Works with Nokia and Motorola phones.

33 ZoneTag

34. Flickr File System

Create a virtual userspace filesystem which allows easy uploading, downloading and searching of images through Flickr.  Linux Only

34 FlickrFS

35. Flidget

Flidget is a Mac widget to upload photos to Flickr.  To see a video of Flidget in action CLICK HERE.

Flidget screenshot

36. KFlickr

An easy to use photo uploader for Flickr written for KDE.  Offers drag-n-drop from applications such as konqueror & digikam, Easy edits of photo properties and tags, supports multiple users and many other features.

36 kflickr

37. Send2KFlickr

Uses KFlickr as a KIPI plugin allowing tighter integration with Kflickr and various KDE photo management applications.


38. Flock

As Kenny mentions in the comments Flock 1.0 (new version), the Flickr Web Browser will also allow you to upload one or multiple photos to Flickr, Photobucket & Pizco; and much much more.  Flock is sort of a feed reader built into the browser that is sort of like a highly personalized home page.  You can get Media Streams from Flickr, YouTube, Photobucket, Facebook and more.

38 Flock


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Thanks for stopping by Brent Evans Geek Tonic.  Please feel free to let me know in the comments if I missed a favorite photo tool you know of.

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