Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Good Reads: Stories Around the Web To Read

tgif It's TGIFriday again.  Here's some good reads from around the web:

Damned Lies and DVR Statistics - Mari Sibley the blogger in chief for ConnectedHome2Go and a blogger for ZatzNotFunny talks about the statistics showing the number of US households with DVR's are 17.2% in May and 20.5% today.  But back in July another group said DVR households numbered about 24%.  I'm going to guess the number is somewhere above 25% now, but its difficult to say with all of these different statistics going around.

16% Watch TV Shows on the Internet - DVR Bulletin talks about the increase in Internet TV Watchers.  I have to admit, I don't watch much "TV" on the net, but I do use Netflix Watch Instantly occasionally and occasionally I'll see what Joost has to offer.

LED Hat - Hacked Gadgets highlights a cool modded hat with LED's showing various patterns on the hat.  It's made using a RS232 port and a lot of hard work.  Cool diy Gadget!  Watch this video to see it in action:

NBC Bringing Tonight Show & Jay Leno to the Web - Kevin at Floppyhead talks about how NBC is making the Tonight Show available online beginning this week.


I also updated my post about the Flickr Upload Tools by adding a 38th tool.  Flock, the Social Web Browser integrates well with Flickr and other social sites and has powerful uploading capabilities.