Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekend Fun: Play Scrabble On the Web or on Facebook

ScrabbleBlogAre you a Scrabble™ Word Game Fan?  Can't find a partner to play Scrabble™ against?  Look no further than an online game of Scrabulous where you can get your Scrabble™ Fix online.

Scrabulous doesn't seem to have the blessing (read license) of Hasbro or Mattel so I'm not sure how the trademark owners might feel about the Scrabulous application, but for now it's a great, free website to play your favorite Scrabble™ game when you don't have a willing partner to play against.  At Scrabulous, you can play against the computer or find others to play against in the member rooms (requires registration).  They also offer a "play via e-mail" version, a Solitaire Scrabble™ version and a faster game of Blitz Scrabulous.

There is an online version that was pulling in a few thousand users - less than the developers had hoped so how did they increase exposure?  They ported Scrabulous to Facebook.  Scrabulous has now grown to approximately 950,000 players!

The screen-shot below is of the standard version of Scrabulous.  In this version you play against others across the net.


This is a single-player version of Scrabulous.  It wasn't as much fun as the standard multi-player version, but if you're just wanting to hone your word skills its not a bad game either.


Scrabulous also has a dictionary page that allows you to cheat or confirm words you might want to use while playing Scrabble.

scrabulous3 Dictionary


Another place for some online Scrabble™ is yahoo's Literati.  Literati is an officially licensed version, but involves a download.  Literati has a free trial download, but for the full version you'll have to fork over $20.


For the Facebook Scrabulous application CLICK HERE

For the Internet (non-facebook) version CLICK HERE


Enjoy your game of Scrabble

I found Scrabulous from an article in last weeks Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition


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