Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prove Your a Star Wars Geek - Make Your Own Lightsaber

saber3 Are you a Star Wars fan?  Have kids that love to act out the lightsaber fights from the movies?  Or possibly it's you who secretly wants your own lightsaber...  Well the finkbuilt blog has an excellent how-to on making your own authentic lightsaber of your very own.



A quote from the finkbuilt blog explains his motivation in making the lightsaber replica:

"You see, the 2-minute dueling sabers were fun for a couple of days, but they weren’t the most durable things in the world and were a bit lacking in the realism department. So I decided to build a nicer set of “elegant weapons from a more civilized time”.

To make the lightsaber, he uses aluminum tubing, battery, an old bicycle seat post, strips of windshield wiper, a heat-sink from an old PC and gold connectors from the edge of an old circuit board.  Yes, this project will take some skill and care, but hey - if you're as much of a Star Wars fan as I think you are, its worth it right?


Head over to to read about how he made this amazingly real-looking replica of the lightsabers from Star Wars.  Very impressive.