Monday, October 08, 2007

Catch All Heroes & The Office Episodes For Free with Netflix Watch Instantly

heroes The third episode of Heroes Season 2 is airing tonight and I've watched all of them enjoying each episode.  I like Heroes as much as I like Jericho.  If you one of the few people who never started watching Heroes you now have a way to catch up with the current season.  To do this look no further than Netflix Watch Instantly.

Not sure what Heroes is all about?  Here's a summary:

Heroes tells the story of a group of people who thought they were "regular people" until they realize they have "super-human" abilities like flight, ability to regenerate after being wounded, telepathy and more.  Yes it is based off of a comic book method of storytelling.  If you're not sold yet, let me encourage you to give it a try.  The various stories they tell in this show are very well written and begin to "interlink", the characters are interesting and well acted and the show makes you really look forward to each new episode.  It's somewhat like Lost was in its first season, but it hasn't "lost" its way so far at least.

You have no excuse now.  Netflix has all the episodes of Heroes Season 1 and the first two episodes of Heroes Season 2 available on their watch-instantly, free streaming service.  You have to be a subscriber of the best DVD Rental-by-mail Service - Netflix of course, but its an excellent way to see what this show is all about.  If you're not a subscriber to Netflix, you can still catch all of the old episodes for free, but plan on watching some commercials.  The alternative method is via NBC's ReWind service.  It works pretty well, but I prefer the commercial-free Netflix version.

Netflix Watch Now: Heroes Season 1

Netflix Watch Now: Heroes Season 2

NBC Rewind: Heroes Seasons 1 & 2



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