Tuesday, October 09, 2007

CBS Outlines Their Plans For Season 2 of Jericho TV Show

One of the most searched for phrases at this blog is "When will Jericho Season 2 Start?"  And I decided to at least give as much detail to that answer as I can.  So far, there isn't a solid startJERICHO date other than to say that it is a Mid-Season replacement and its premier date depends on other CBS shows success.

Now that the seven-episode season of Jericho has finished taping and production, Kelly Kahl, the CBS head of scheduling is saying the show could replace "Kid Nation," "Moonlight," "Cane," or the yet-to-premier "Viva Laughlin" if any of those new shows falter in the ratings.  If (when) one of those shows gets dropped, Jericho would likely take their place this Fall - possibly as soon as November 2007.  If not, then the season 2 premier would likely begin in January 2008.

Carol Barbee, the executive producer of Jericho also addressed how they will deal with the storyline with the uncertainty of a Season 3.  The producers filmed two different version of the final, season 2 episode.  One of the version wrap up all the storyline's questions in case the show isn't renewed, and the other version leaves some cliffhangers for hopefully a continuation to a third season.

TV Week also discusses the shows fans sending tons of nuts to CBS to protest the shows cancellation.  The article also mentioned something I didn't realize until now about how the Jericho producers met with Sci Fi Channel personnel who expressed picking up the series as a potential companion for Battlestar Galactica.  I think this is a bit of good news and possibly brings further hope if CBS hesitates to continue the Jericho series on to Season 3.

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