Thursday, October 11, 2007

Make Your Own DVD Box Sets With Your HTPC

Here's a great idea for those of you lucky enough to own a Home Theater PC:  Make your own DVD Box Set of TV shows or movies for that matter.

Why make your own sets?  Zack outlines two great reasons and I've added the last two :)

1. Cost

2. Don't have to wait for them to be released to DVD

3. You can watch them anywhere - even away from your home (of course if you have a Personal Media Player like the iPod or Zune, you can automatically load those shows up on those devices too.)

4. You can draw your own palm trees (nice Zack) and DVD art to give it that personal touch.


Zack over at the Snapstream Blog walks through one of the nice features of BeyondTV recently added.  A DVD Burning Plugin has been available on the last few versions of Beyond TV and you can purchase this plugin for any of your Beyond TV or BeyondTV Link boxes.  The plugin gives you the ability to select a show or series of shows to burn to a disk, then click go all from your remote.  Once it's done compressing (if needed) and burning your new DVD, you can take that DVD to view anywhere there is a DVD player.

Zack's post goes through all of the steps to making your own DVD sets with screen-shots of the process and lots of detail.  You can do this with almost any of the Home Theater PC's, but Beyond TV has the advantage of the DVD Burner being "built-in" to the core software making the process seamless with no tweaking required.

Read the entire how-to over at the Snapstream Blog


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