Sunday, March 23, 2008

In Review - The Past Weeks Posts on Geek Tonic

  • Beyond TV Version 4.8.1 Released

    Snapstream - the maker of Beyond TV, one of the easiest to setup and use software-based PVR applications has released an update to it's BeyondTV (Like Tivo except for PC's) software for Windows.   March Madness TV Coverage Online & Broadcast

  • NCAA SCHEDULES - Wondering where you can catch a particular NCAA Tournament game this month?  The tournament officially started this week and there are plenty of options to watch the March Madness Games.   TV NETWORKS (Traditional): Complete CBS/NCAA Tournament Schedule -…


  • March Madness Map

    I found a nice looking Map of the March Madness teams with their logo's and stats on size etc.  If you're a NCAA Basketball fanatic around tournament time, check this one out.

  • March Madness Bracketology - Play Online

    Are you a March Madness College Basketball Fan?  Struggling over how to fill out your picks for the NCAA tournament bracket?  Here's a couple (okay a lot) of resources for you to help make those final picks before the tournament starts.  There's just a few places on the web where you can…

  • Auto Tennis Ball Thrower - For Your Dog

    I love dogs - especially the smart, but geeky dogs so when I saw this video of a dog putting a tennis ball into an automatic ball throwing machine, I had to share it with you.  This is the perfect thing for the lazy owner who wants his dog to be in better shape than he is.

  • March Madness Bracket - Printable Excel Spreadsheet Download

    Get your March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets.  I have an excel spreadsheet (suitable for any Basketball Geek) that lets you select your picks from a drop-down and easily print & save your picks.  It's free, easy and is now pre-filled with all of the teams in the bracket. 

  • Hauppauge HD-PVR Component Video Recorder Update

    There's more news from the CeBIT show that just ended this past weekend in Germany regarding the Hauppauge HD-PVR - a device that will let us record digital television straight from any component video output like a cable box, satellite box or even that....

  • Control Netflix Watch Now Playback With Your Remote Control

    You can control Netflix Watch Now playback with your remote.  All you need is a remote control, a infrared receiver like the USBUIRT and a program like girder .  I'll show you how I'm doing this and share with you my girder gml file which you can download as well. I've been using the…

  • Home Theater Tip - Buy Quality Inexpensive HDMI Cables

    I'm setting up my SageTV HD100 today and one key components is the HDMI cable that I'll use to connect the HD extender to the LCD television.  One thing I learned long ago was to not buy my theater cables from the big-box retailers.  That includes Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart and the…