Thursday, March 27, 2008

TV Shows Status - Episodes Remaining, Status on Next Season

If you're a TV junkie or even a casual TV watcher, you'll want to check out the TV Status Watch page.  There are running updates for nearly all television shows with information on the number of episodes remaining, whether they are being renewed for next season and when the next episode airs.  Also included are updates on the Last Spring 2008 and Summer 2008 premiers.


The listing was started in response to the Writers Strike and the affect it had on television programming, but by popular demand has morphed into a complete listing of television shows and their current status. 

You'll find the following:

1. Shows with new episodes remaining Spring 2008 & Summer 2008 (and how many)

2. Shows with no remaining episodes but renewed for next season

3. Shows with no remaining episodes but renewal decision is "on the fence"

4. Shows with no remaining episodes and canceled permanently

Read the TV Shows Status Page

Coming soon on this blog you'll see the complete Summer 2008 TV Season Guide as well as the Fall 2008 TV Season Guide so stay tuned.