Monday, March 24, 2008

Netflix Down - All Day Long

This morning when I browsed over to Netflix to add the new releases for the week to my queue, I was greeted with a login error.  Within minutes I couldn't even get a warning message at  Well after what must be a very long day at Netflix HQ, the site is still down.  Here's what you'll be greeted with at


As of 7PM Central Time, the site still gives you the message above.

Since I returned a movie this past Saturday, I wonder if they sent me the next one in my queue????  Is it just the website or the whole system I wonder.



UPDATE:  As of 8PM (almost 13 hours) this evening the Netflix site is finally back up.


My movie I returned Saturday shows as being received today, but the next on is shipping tomorrow (normally would ship today) and from the looks of the comments on HackingNetflix, it looks like the problem affected many people with their shipments.  Looks like this was much more significant than a "website" downtime.