Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All My TV Favorites On At Same Time?

 I've been using all six tuners on my HTPC this week.  Here's a screen-shot of my SageTV Web Server Upcoming Recordings for this past Monday to give you an idea of the activity:
 Lots of Shows
The first few weeks of the Fall TV season are always busy ones for my Media PC and this year has been no exception.  Both Monday and Tuesday nights I had all six tuners recording shows at once.  I' don’t watch all of them, but like to check out some of the premieres to see if they interest me.  Add to that the shows my wife and daughter watch and it gets to be a busy HTPC.

Here's a screen-shot right from the Recorded Shows of SageTV from last night:

For the record, I’m watching Fringe (recommended) and checking out the Mentalist (It was good and worth watching.)  Of the others listed on the screen-shot above taken from my SageTV recorded TV page, House is the only other show I’ll be watching all of the way through.  What are you watching this TV season?  Anything you recommend to watch or not watch?  Ever run out of tuners to record everything you want to watch on TV?