Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes Volume 3: Villains - A Great Start To New Season

Heroes returned to television last night, and the new season started very strong.  I’ve heard talk this summer that series creator Tim Kring and the writers worked to weave multiple characters all moving into the core story – no more lingering, weakly-connected story lines this time.  Even a few new characters are being added, but all characters are building on the one, core story.  I loved it, my wife wasn't as excited about the new premier - said too much going on.  Still, I think it will appeal to most people - especially fans of the first two seasons of Heroes.

This Volume 3 is named “Villains” and if you missed recording it last night I encourage you to Watch Heroes Season3 Episode1 Now (cost = $1.99 for this episode) as its available commercial-free at Amazon Video-On-Demand (affiliate).