Thursday, September 25, 2008

Use Twitter to Find Good TV to Watch

With the new TV season here I’m always looking for ways to gauge interest of the new shows so I know which ones to watch and which ones to delete from my DVR favorites list.  A easy way to do that is to use Twitter Search (summize) to see what others are saying about the show.
For example, check out this Twitter Search of “Knight Rider”:
As you can see by the comments on Twitter, Knight Rider is NOT going to be a hit this time and as I keep saying, the show is really, really bad.  I like @theTVaholic’s comment “A flaming pile of KITT”

Then we have Fringe.  Fringe was a little bit of an unknown.  Lots of early talk that it was just okay or trying to be too much Lost or Alias or something.  But I liked it and it looks like others are liking it too.  Check out these twits on twitter search about Fringe:
Not too bad.  And like those commenters on twitter, I recommend this show as well.  If you haven’t already, head over to Hulu to get caught up and add it to your TV favorites to record.