Monday, October 13, 2008

Engadget Podcast Returns

I've been listening to (and watching) a lot of podcasts lately and one of my favorites is the EngadgetHD podcast with Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim (I was a guest last month).  I used to listen to the Engadget podcast (non-HD variety), but it's been dormant since January 2008.

Now that Joshua Topolsky is settling into his role as the Engadget Editor in Chief since Ryan Block and Peter Rojas have moved on, Engadget is reportedly starting the popular Engadget podcast starting today.

Reports are that the podcast should be available sometime today so check out the this link which should lead you to the new Engadget Podcast once it's been posted.

UPDATE: THE NEW ENGADGET PODCAST HAS BEEN POSTED follow this link to check it out.
Hosted by Joshua Topolsky, Paul Miller, and Nilay Patel with the guest being none other than Ryan Block of gdgt

I'll be sharing my favorite podcasts with you this week - if you have any you recommend I try out, let me know in the comments.