Friday, July 10, 2009

Guide Tool - Easy Guide Management for Windows Media Center

A nice, new Electronic TV Guide management tool was developed by fredx21 (you may know him from the dvblink for HD-PVR) for managing your Windows MediaCenter EPG.


Features Include:

  • Local and remote guide management
  • Channel name and number edition
  • Restoration of previously edited channel names and numbers
  • Modification of channels’ visibility
  • Automated subscribing to guide services (manually, by number or by call-sign)
  • Tuner merge (by channel number, by call-sign or by guide service)
  • DVBLink sources synchronization
  • Listing of tuners providing channel’s sources
  • Generation of lean MXF file (mostly for debugging purpose)
  • More fun stuff to do with your channels


The main Guide Tool window looks like this:

Guide Tool Main Window


The screen-shot below shows the Lineup Selection where you can subscribe channels to any guide services from any lineup available in your MediaCenter region.

Guide Tool Lineup Selection


Finally, this last screen-shot shows the Tuner Merge function where you can merge tuners based on various attributes shared by channels.

Guide Tool Tuner Merge


The program is a nifty tool to move your MediaCenter channels around and changing the listings outside of MediaCenter.  It works with Windows Vista MediaCenter (with TV Pack) and Windows 7 MediaCenter.  The program has two parts including a Guide Tool application and a MediaCenter background add-in that stores all of the tuner and channel info.

For more info and to get the download head over to 1geek1tool


found via GreenButton Forums