Tuesday, July 07, 2009

SciFi Channel Becomes Syfy with Warehouse 13 Premiere

SyFy Logo

Well the time has come for us to put up with the silly SyFy name instead of SciFi.  I was kind of confused by the need to change their name and sort of afraid they were trying to get away from science fiction.  But that wasn't the reason apparently.  According to an article in the Chicago Tribune the reason had to do with licensing:

And the name Sci Fi -- which also applies to an entire genre of film, books and other forms of media -- wasn't something the network could trademark.

So it appears this is about the money - licensing of SyFy branded media, items etc.  I guess I don't care that much about the name change as long as they continue the scifi shows.

Speaking of SciFi shows, the SyFy networks premiered the new Warehouse 13 this week which looks promising.  I haven't watched it yet, but plan to at least check it out.  Early reviews have been mostly good so I'm hoping it will be worth watching.

Warehouse 13

It seems to be a little Eureka with a little X-Files.  I'm liking the idea of lots of mythical and mystical gadgets that lead to promising new stories.  Check it out as it airs a LOT on SyFy this week.