Sunday, July 05, 2009

TV Premieres: What To Watch 07/05 - 07/11

A handful of TV premieres arrive this week.  Read on for all of the details.

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                Eureka returns to SyFi on Friday Sunday Night


NOTE: All Times are Listed for EST

Tuesday 07/07/2009

10 Things I Hate About You (8pm on ABC Family - Available in HD) - A new half-hour series based on the movie from 1999.  Newcomers Kat and Bianca Stratford attempt to navigate the popular crowd and the opposite sex while dealing with their overprotective dad.

Great American Road Trip (8pm on NBC) - The basis of this new reality TV series is this:  Seven families from around the country take the vacation of a lifetime, competing against each other for a dream prize.  Sorry, but any reality show like this had better be recorded in HD or I'm very unlikely to even check it out.  I watch reality shows sparingly and if the network doesn't think it's HD worthy... 

Warehouse 13 (9pm on SyFi - Available in HD) - A new series on SyFy (did I ever mention I hate the new spelling of that name?  I mean seriously if you're going to give up on Science Fiction just say it)  Anyway, this series goes like this:  following an abrupt transfer, two Secret Service agents find themselves in the middle of South Dakota at a massive, top-secret storage warehouse that holds every strange artifact, mysterious relic, out-of-this-world object and supernatural souvenir ever found by the U.S. government. Lattimer and Bering's new task, as directed by the warehouse's caretaker, longtime agent Artie Nielsen, is to investigate reports of unexplainable and paranormal activity in an effort to secure more peculiar and dangerous objects.


Wednesday 07/08/2009

Ghost Hunters International (9pm on SyFi - Available in HD) - Season 2 of the "International" variety of Ghost Hunters.


Thursday 07/09/2009

Big Brother (8pm on CBS) - Why oh why is this show so popular.  And did I mention it isn't even HD worthy?


Friday 07/10/2009

Eureka (9pm on SyFi - Available in HD) - One of the more entertaining SyFi shows.  Enough story to humor the regulars like my wife and enough supernatural for folks that like that sort of stuff.  Check it out if you never have before - it's a decent one.


Season Finales this Week:

  • 7/8 10pm "Pitchmen" on Discovery
  • 7/8 10:30pm "Reno 911" on Comedy
  • 7/9 8:30pm "In the Motherhood" on ABC
  • 7/11 9pm "Harpers Island" on CBS
  • 7/11 10pm "Eli Stone" on ABC


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