Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kindle 2 Price Drops to $299 & Drops the 2 from Name

If you've been holding out for the Kindle 2 for a little lower price you're in luck.  I paid $359 when the Kindle 2 first came out and my biggest negative in the GeekTonic Kindle 2 Review was the high price.  Since then the price has dropped twice and is now down to $299 with free shipping!  Still expensive, but so much better than before.

Also of note, Amazon dropped the "2" changing the name from the Kindle 2 to the Kindle 6".  I would imagine that the name change is just to signify that this version of the Kindle is the flagship with the KindleDX being the more specialized version.

You can get the Kindle from Amazon (affiliate) with this link Kindle: Amazon's 6 $299 with free shipping


Kindle DX price remains

NOTE:  The Kindle DX 9.7 remains  $489 which to me is WAY too much especially with the Kindle 6" down to $299...


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